L&M DEVELOPERS, ADELINE SALES OFFICE, Decorative dividing screens in Marketing office, NYC

Entire floor of this marketing office achieves a modern and efficient look by using single layer modular dividing screen systems. The open space includes a conference space, childrens corner, front desk, and sales office area. Each area is divided by decorative partitions providing separation and privacy without permanent wall set up.

Architectural screen walls are made of single layer PVC CNC panels, supported by 3/32" steel cables creating a light weight temporary partition system. Free standing dividing screens consist of single layer PVC CNC panels, with aluminum framing and adjustable legs.

  • 10' x 4' Single layer suspended decorative partition system with floor to ceiling cables and
    4' x 8' Free standing modular dividin screens with adjustable legs.

  • 1/4 in. PVC decorative panels in white matte finish