PETER RODINO FEDERAL BUILDING, security partition walls, NEWARK, NJ..

Entrance of the Peter Rodino Federal building in Newark. Entrance and exits are divided by decorative partitions giving this high security area a sleek and modern look yet meeting all the requirements for a high strength partition with minimal visibility through the screen walls.

Architectural screen walls are made of double layer Aluminum composite CNC panels, supported by custom designed high strenght aluminum subframe creating a security partition system. Custom LED light modules and transformers are concealed inside the supports to add to the layered and serene effect of the dividing walls.

Each dividing partition section is provided with removable panels for maintenance.

  • Floor to ceiling decorative security partition system. Custom fabricated high strength substructure,
    custom LED modules integrated into floor and ceiling rails.

  • 1/8 in. Aluminum composite panels, in silver brushed finish. Specialty aluminum substructure.

  • Custom pattern